Saturday, 1 March 2014

Just realised I have not blogged yet this year....

Hello Blogland

How are you?

We are - "hmmmm come back next week and ask me again....."

This year so far has been "..... interesting ......"

School? - ha..... haha..... hahahaha..... - the battle between L's Teacher and I has been "interesting!" - one day she will realise that she cannot mess with me... but until that day - we will continue to battle.   It's not her fault - she just cannot have had much experience with Aspie HF ADHD children in the past - and now she has one in a complete package - Lucas :)  - one day she will realise that there is no point giving him detention for calling out in class - as that has no effect to the fact he will ALWAYS call out as that is one of his traits - the only reaction she will get is The Wrath of Mum! - that would be me - and yes Blogland, after Lucas having 2 days off sick one week, and although it was against my judgement to send him back to school after sickness he called out in class and earned a detention.

The result in this exercise?  The following morning (8:45am) The Headmistress received a visit from a very angry parent - in Tiger form with all claws sharpened and pointing - again that would be me - venting my opinions of Lucas' current teacher.  All extremely polite ventings I assure you.   

I had written evidence (gotta love having written evidence! - its an excellent visual aid) of how we have been working hard at getting in on time - only for the teacher to start taking the register 5 minutes earlier and still marking Lucas late - even though she knows of his struggles of early arrival - oops - my phone alarm accidently went off during my meeting with the Headmistress - I apologised profusely and then explained that was my mechanism to make sure Lucas is not late - the first one goes off at 8:40am - as you can see we were early today..... 

The Headmistress's response to my embarrasment?  Wow what a fantastic idea! - I wish more parents had the same idea - well done.   
Teacher 0 - Me 1 :) 

Maybe it was planned as because my accidental alarm went off I was able to say - as you can see I really do not understand how Lucas was late 4  days ago as I was chatting to my friend at 8:50 that day after he left me - Teacher 0 - Me 2 - but the thing that made me really angry (I told the Head) was the fact he was given detention for calling out in class.

I was shaking at this point, but she said it was ok, carry on, I was quite proud of myself - I said - does she understand he is Autistic? Does she really?  It IS one of his traits and it WILL NOT change - she cannot give him detention for being Autistic -  and I KNOW he is a little monkey, but this does not seem fair, I even said - if he was in a wheelchair it would be different, but as he is not - he is getting victimised in the classroom for his condition.... still shaking while I spoke.

Then the Headmistress surprised me with her next line - I know Lucas and I know too that he is a very clever little boy, he is very intelligent and - then said lots of more praise.  We are aware of his condition and things are in place for him to help him grow.   This was a wonderful surprise to hear from the Headmistress - and I immediately said - but I am really worried that all the hard work already done will start to break down and fall apart and we will all have to start again.

The Headmistress thanked me for coming in for the meeting - and assured me she would be personally speaking to Lucas.   She did! - she was waiting for ME at the school gate that night to tell me all about it  - I was touched by that gesture.

Ok, enough ranting, the result of the meeting - I have been invited to join a Parents and Children Learning together group every Friday afternoon - run by the Headmistress.

That started yesterday :-) - we are creating a Group Recipe Book together, its a fun group.   We were let out early! - Lucas loved leaving school 30 minutes before his friends! 

So far in 2014 Lucas IS spending alot of time in Lucasland.   I think he is busy reprogramming himself - he is having medication problems.   We are going "back to the old times" not good - and He is bossing me about again - and changing his goal posts - trying to outwit me.....


There - a snapshot of Lucasland life for 2014 - Happy 2014 to all other Parents that also live next door to similar Theme Parks!

Song to sum up this post?  Katy Perry - Roar!

Best wishes to all 

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