Saturday, 1 March 2014

Just realised I have not blogged yet this year....

Hello Blogland

How are you?

We are - "hmmmm come back next week and ask me again....."

This year so far has been "..... interesting ......"

School? - ha..... haha..... hahahaha..... - the battle between L's Teacher and I has been "interesting!" - one day she will realise that she cannot mess with me... but until that day - we will continue to battle.   It's not her fault - she just cannot have had much experience with Aspie HF ADHD children in the past - and now she has one in a complete package - Lucas :)  - one day she will realise that there is no point giving him detention for calling out in class - as that has no effect to the fact he will ALWAYS call out as that is one of his traits - the only reaction she will get is The Wrath of Mum! - that would be me - and yes Blogland, after Lucas having 2 days off sick one week, and although it was against my judgement to send him back to school after sickness he called out in class and earned a detention.

The result in this exercise?  The following morning (8:45am) The Headmistress received a visit from a very angry parent - in Tiger form with all claws sharpened and pointing - again that would be me - venting my opinions of Lucas' current teacher.  All extremely polite ventings I assure you.   

I had written evidence (gotta love having written evidence! - its an excellent visual aid) of how we have been working hard at getting in on time - only for the teacher to start taking the register 5 minutes earlier and still marking Lucas late - even though she knows of his struggles of early arrival - oops - my phone alarm accidently went off during my meeting with the Headmistress - I apologised profusely and then explained that was my mechanism to make sure Lucas is not late - the first one goes off at 8:40am - as you can see we were early today..... 

The Headmistress's response to my embarrasment?  Wow what a fantastic idea! - I wish more parents had the same idea - well done.   
Teacher 0 - Me 1 :) 

Maybe it was planned as because my accidental alarm went off I was able to say - as you can see I really do not understand how Lucas was late 4  days ago as I was chatting to my friend at 8:50 that day after he left me - Teacher 0 - Me 2 - but the thing that made me really angry (I told the Head) was the fact he was given detention for calling out in class.

I was shaking at this point, but she said it was ok, carry on, I was quite proud of myself - I said - does she understand he is Autistic? Does she really?  It IS one of his traits and it WILL NOT change - she cannot give him detention for being Autistic -  and I KNOW he is a little monkey, but this does not seem fair, I even said - if he was in a wheelchair it would be different, but as he is not - he is getting victimised in the classroom for his condition.... still shaking while I spoke.

Then the Headmistress surprised me with her next line - I know Lucas and I know too that he is a very clever little boy, he is very intelligent and - then said lots of more praise.  We are aware of his condition and things are in place for him to help him grow.   This was a wonderful surprise to hear from the Headmistress - and I immediately said - but I am really worried that all the hard work already done will start to break down and fall apart and we will all have to start again.

The Headmistress thanked me for coming in for the meeting - and assured me she would be personally speaking to Lucas.   She did! - she was waiting for ME at the school gate that night to tell me all about it  - I was touched by that gesture.

Ok, enough ranting, the result of the meeting - I have been invited to join a Parents and Children Learning together group every Friday afternoon - run by the Headmistress.

That started yesterday :-) - we are creating a Group Recipe Book together, its a fun group.   We were let out early! - Lucas loved leaving school 30 minutes before his friends! 

So far in 2014 Lucas IS spending alot of time in Lucasland.   I think he is busy reprogramming himself - he is having medication problems.   We are going "back to the old times" not good - and He is bossing me about again - and changing his goal posts - trying to outwit me.....


There - a snapshot of Lucasland life for 2014 - Happy 2014 to all other Parents that also live next door to similar Theme Parks!

Song to sum up this post?  Katy Perry - Roar!

Best wishes to all 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Its nearly Christmas - how has the first term of Year 4 been?

Hello Blogland

Wow - this first term of Year 4 has been a real rollercoaster ride.  We have reached the end of the term on a high - and had some twists and turns and lows in the process.

Year 4 = New Teacher = New Rules....

It took a few weeks of teething problems (nearly half a term) but now I can safely say I think we are all sailing on The Good Ship Lucas together.   Things came to a point, and I decided a 1-1 was needed, and I typed up one of my famous essays (2 pages long) stating my feelings (as I am useless at speaking under pressure) and I can honestly say that meeting (stressful!) was a real success - a turning point towards the sun!

I also arranged to see my Parent Support Worker again at this point (as I was drowning!) and I had a half-hour meeting with her that turned into 2 hours - again fantastic progress! - resulting in her visiting Lucas in school again and working with him personally and discussing his condition with him, positively! with books and structures and ladders to climb.   I think what I learned from this exercise was - if you feel like you are drowning - speak up! - arrange meetings! - speak your mind! - there are no wrong answers, only ways to look to go forward - type up your views and then hand them over - and then doors open and waves calm and everyone progresses and Lucas wins.

Lucas has been changing his goal posts and also getting stressy alot more, especially at school but this is part of the system.

Lucas has been destressing on the Tennis Court - and it is so lovely to see the magic of destress here.

Lucas has been getting good results in his Groups, and on Halloween we progressed and entered him into a Club Tournament - just to see how he would react to the change of conditions - his coach was running it :) and it was at the Club - but it was the first Tournament I paid for him to enter! - he came 5th! - but I told him it didn't matter where he came, as long as he behaved in a proper manner, obeying all the rules and did his best - also saying I would be more proud of him him to come last and play his best than if he won but was naughty and messed around.   Oh I hope this makes sense!.

Long story short - he came 5th - Mel said - but he was wonderful! - his behaviour was impeccable, he was so professional, he got his scoring perfect all times and tried really hard - he was brilliant - RESULT!

(PROUD PARENT!) - That was Halloween.- he was also dressed as a Zombie.

Since Halloween the weather had turned colder, and Lucas had some time off school (ear infections) but he still persevered.  A few more meltdowns, but steps in the right direction.

As he did so well (behaviour-wise) at the Halloween tournament I signed him up for the Christmas one as Mel said it would really do him good.

The day came, and unfortunately he had a really bad day at school! - I think about 3 different events happened and I was in 2 minds whether to pull him out of Tennis that night.  I am so pleased I didn't.   I went along to watch, ready to pull him out and take him home if necessary.   I WAS prepared to do this and told Mel too.   He changed.   As soon as he joined the group for their Tournament Instructions - he changed.   There was a little light above his head - he was in his happy place.  It was wonderful!

He was listening, paying attention, being a ball boy, fetching, carrying, being nosey, being helpful - being in his element! - it was amazing.

Then he played his first match - against the boy that eventually won the event - (10 minute games) the result was 4-4 with a Killer Point decider - Lucas lost - but it was a great match! - I was really impressed! - then I needed to leave him in his happy place and return to pick him up afterwards - he was in his happy place.

He had a 1-1 on Thursday and I discussed the Tournament with Mel.   She told me that she was so proud of Lucas, his behaviour was brilliant, and if there was marks for Technical Merit and Artistic Impression he would have won the day.   Proud Parent!  He also had an amazing 1-1 lesson too.

We know some areas he needs to work on (Thanks Don - I heard what you said during our chat) and we have a Game Plan! - and he didn't want to leave the court.....

I know that many people who may read this come from a wide Spectrum on the Tennis World, but as my experience of being a fan, it is so wonderful for me to see Lucas' "magic" shine through against his condition.
I will use Tennis to fight Aspergers - and the score this term is definitely 6-3!

Best wishes to all

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Arthur Episode - George and the Missing Puzzle Piece

Lucas loves watching Arthur.

I knew there was an Aspergers Episode, but hadn't actually seen it properly, I have been recording them, hoping to catch the episode - Gotta Love YouView!

Today was the day my fishing task was a success.

Lucas and I sat down to watch it together.  I tried to tell him to turn his laptop off - but hey - he can multi-task.

We watched it.   He paid attention - especially to the trains!

It has hit all the facts right on the head - for an 8 year old! and was an excellent episode.

I asked Lucas questions at the end - and am now locked in this room - having an emotional moment.

Lucas is so like Carl!

George and the Missing Puzzle Piece

Now I had the title I found it on Youtube easily - typical :) - so here it is for others to see.


OK now back to sorting out the toys....

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Davis Cup Draw Ceremony - Competition Winner - Yes that would be me :-)

ON Sunday afternoon I was (like most Tennis Fans) sat in front of a Computer Live Feed - watching the Tie of my Choice.   My choice was the dead rubber day for Cze & Arg (OK OK so I was bench watching! - and watching two pretty damm good matches too!) - while following the DC Live Blog, and Facebook and Sky News (just to keep up with other things in the world) and YouTube and - well basically I spent the afternoon surfing and multitasking - and making a Steak & Cheese Wrap (disclaimer! - Lucas was at Auntie Mandy's having a wonderful day!) - it was so nice and peaceful.

A tweet appeared in Twitterland...

Davis Cup ‏@DavisCup We have an amazing opportunity for #DavisCup fans in London! Email for your chance to come to Wednesday's draw!

I thought - Hmmm - I can be in London on Wednesday.... - and fired off a quick please enter me into your competition email - (as you do!) and then thought nothing of it.

That was Sunday...

Tuesday lunch time - Marcus and I were dashing off somewhere quick while Lucas was at school - before we left - I did the quick email check - and up popped a "Congratulations!!! - you have won - you have been invited to attend the Davis Cup Draw Ceremony Tomorrow - please follow the attached instructions - Dress Code is Smart Casual! - see you tomorrow morning at 10:30


I did a quick ring round to see if anyone could come with me - due to the short notice (surprise surprise) noone could - so I was really brave and I went on my own.

Please note. from 2000-2008 I WAS a really confident, Tennis Fan that was not shy, and could ask anybody things (within reason) and take photos for friends etc - I WAS that person, but with the exception of  2 amazing days in 2012 (Olympics Wimbledon and The 02 in November) for the last 5-7 years I have turned into a very shy scared parent who is now only very good at shouting (politely) to persons of authority relating to Lucas' upbringing - I am  NOT an active Tennis Fan anymore - I DO hope that this is changing - today was definitely a step in the right direction.

I did think about saying I couldn't make it - but then the little gremlin on my shoulder said - GO! - SO... I did.

Smart Casual.... HELP! - I think I scrubbed up ok.

9:35 - I'm on the train.... thinking what am I doing!
10:20 - I am in the Street standing next to the building.. OK - NOW I have to go through that door.

10:30 I have a badge! - with my name on it! - cool! - I did have a quick look on the table at the other badges laid out - and I saw the 2 main people in charge (whose names were on the invitation) had not picked their badges up yet - so I wasn't late! - what a relief.

I was escorted up to the room.  Smart Casual??????? Everyone was in suits! - but it was ok, I think I looked smart.   During escort up I was hoping there were more competition winners (praying!) I hate being made centre of attention - I like hiding behind trees.

In the room. Would you like a pin?  Yes please! - I collect pins!

I find the group of other Competition Winners - YAY! there are 4 of us! - so we immediately bonded!  There was a huge media prescence.  Then I remembered the Live Feed was going to take place.   I was instantly terrified my phone would ring - I tried turning it off and silencing it - but was not completely satisfied it was definitely on silent and switched off  - so, I took it to pieces.  It made sense to me at the time!

Once I knew my phone was dead - I relaxed and while chatting to the others I switched from Parent to Tennis Fan - and then started to have fun. We bonded, and started discussing the weekend ties, asking the inevitable - who are your favourite players & teams questions.   Our Answers:  Pico, Rafa, Spain and Argentina - and Andy Murray :) - and of course we were all happy that GB were back in the World Group too.

THEN Andrew Castle comes over to us to say hello - that was nice of him.

He then explains what is going to happen, and seems really nervous about the Live Feed - I found this a bit of a surprise - as he is a TV Presenter on Daytime TV Every Day (note to self... maybe he could do an exchange programme with another Tennis Player Daytime TV Presenter).

All systems go.... The Live Feed is ON - and we are live to millions all round the world.

Team GB Captain was there and was interviewed and congratulated for getting GB into the World Groups - and was asked which team he fancied being drawn against - he gave a list of choices he didn't fancy.... Nadal on Clay for example :) - it was a very lighthearted interview.

The Heads of Tennis Federations - or extremely important Tennis People for Great Britain, Argentina and Spain are the three men then did all the drawing.

The Draw takes place for the lower division groups first.   Slip goes into Ball, Balls go into Cup (THE CUP - that big thing on the big wooden shelves) - Balls come out - and Slips get read out - and the draw gets drawn.   Umpire Enrico (who also had a chat) catches each ball - and places into the bucket next to him.

Another man instantly called out which country would be the host - within 10 seconds! (impressive!) and various other draws also take place for choice of grounds (if required) and exceptions to rules are read out and actioned upon.

A very well oiled machine.

THEN we come to the World Group Draw.   I was secretly hoping for GB v Argentina because I knew this tie would have to take place in GB - easy for me to get to - haha - failing that I was thinking Italy would be good.

The Draw starts taking place.   Czechs up the top - Serbia at the bottom.  Then Spain, Argentina, France, Canada, Kazakstan, USA were drawn out to choose their lines in the draw.   Argentina got slot 12 - NO Czech Semi Final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then one of the exception to the rules was read out.   Germany and Argentina had already met twice in the first round.   Its the RULES they can't meet for a 3rd time.  So, Germany got their slot drawn in the top half - and won SPAIN :-)

Czech Rep v Netherlands
Japan v Canada
Germany v Spain
France v Australia
Argentina v Italy
Kazachstan v Belgium
Serbia v Switzerland

So.... GB got USA in USA

then Argentina were drawn against Italy - at home - a good draw for them.

Switzerland got Serbia! - interesting!!!! Will both Roger and Novak play that one??

The Draw was completed, and the Live Feed switched off - and THEN all the men in suits breathed sighs of relief :-)

The Press then started doing their interviews.  One of the other Competition winners explained she had done a charity auction with some memorabilia donated by The GB Captain, she said she'd really like to see if she could say thank you to him.   At this point he was being mobbed by official press people.   I said I'd stay with her if she wanted company - she was very happy for the moral support :-)

While we were waiting we were near the draw table, with all the slips of paper and draw balls.   We politely asked one of the Host Ladies what would be happening to them, and (long story short) my new friend had the Great Britain Draw Ball and I now have the Argentina Draw Ball.

Then she got her meet and greet - he was very nice and easy to chat to.  She asked lots of questions and got lots of interesting answers.  Of course, I then provided her with 2 photos of her and the GB Captain.   THEN it dawned on me she was the same girl I took a really blurry picture with Andy Murray at Queens.  I checked with her - and yes it was - I have been feeling really bad about this - haha - but I definitely made up for it today :).

SO, we left the room with memorabilia, pin and the Official 100 years of DC 2012 Book each - this will be used as signing material by me in 2014 - I have the pages marked out ready :)

We then went down for Canapes - and felt much happier chatting with the waiting staff - all in all the 4 of us had a great, surreal morning.

Thank you Davis Cup for this opportunity - from 4 of your Fans that appreciate the work that goes into organising this year long event.

Today was a great experience for me - I definitely felt that after such a long time - I was BACK IN THE GAME :-)

Steam!!!!!!!!!!!! - careful - its hot!

Letting off steam!

despite being proactive and telling the teachers and all the staff about Lucas' problems with timekeeping and his lack of realisation that he needs to be in school at 8:55am - and explaining this to the teachers and thinking I had their understanding of this particular ASD trait - and making a point of really making the effort - new term etc - and verbally speaking with teachers each morning - I have just received a personally addressed "late attendance" letter - so I went back and saw the receptionist and gave her a piece of my mind. Her reply? Oh we have to follow protocol...... — feeling angry.
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  • Louise Its ok - because NOW I will be a Mummy Monster every morning - and they will get Lucas-Monster delivered at their door at 8:50 precisely - instead of nice relaxed calm Lucas at 8:56 - then they can discuss "protocol" with me
  • Louise just for the record - Lucas has an ASD behaviour change trait every day at 8:35 - he has had this trait every day for the last 5 years... - You can set your watch by it - the next one will be 8:35 tomorrow morning! - it is due to going to school - can't wait for tomorrow morning!
  • Louise - apologies - this rant "should" be in my blog - but the steam escaped here - before I could get there....

Friday, 6 September 2013

Year 4 and the Sledgehammer Returns

Hello Blogland

How are you?

We had a great summer break - relaxing, no overnight breaks anywhere - but it was lovely just not being tied to the clock at all.

Year 4 started - I was a nervous wreck.   Lucas was fine - but I was a wreck.

I had not met Lucas' teacher, (there was an opportunity last term - but it wasn't convenient) - Lucas had had sessions with her so that was fine.

The Night Before School (Year 4) began I decided to type up a "Good Luck New Teacher Note"  and put it in his book bag.   I filled the letter with all the changes over the holidays that had happened - and told her that he was now aware of his condition - and was talking about it! - and politely asked her that if he did start suddenly talking about his condition - please don't shut him up but encourage him to talk - as I think this is his way of accepting things.

I didn't want to speak to his teacher on the first morning as she had 29 other little people to get to know - I thought a note would be best I also slipped one one of the NAS Aspergers Notification Cards in the envelope too - with his name on it.

Oh I think I covered the bases and prepared for New Year as best I could.

I saw the Teacher the next day - and she thanked me for the letter - saying it was fantastic! - and that Lucas had a great first day, and to come and chat to her at a moment's notice and other really positive "I read your note" words too.  WOW - a good start to the year!

At the end of Day Two, Lucas was at home, and suddenly the Sledgehammer Hit us - Hard! - A MAJOR UNEXPECTED "behaviour problem" appeared - and it was a shock to both Marcus and Myself - a big shock - completely unexpected - we dealt with it the best way we - as Lucas' Parents thought best -

Lucas then went into Major Meltdown and Meltdown proceedings took precedence, along with Meltdown recovery.   I don't know about other Parents - but it always takes me a good day or two to recover from one of Lucas' Meltdowns.   I think I am still reeling a bit - and its Friday.

I am also trying to fight the Depression Gremlin - I am going to win the fight with the Gremlin - he will NOT beat me.   He may think this week he has scored some points from me.   BUT I will not be beaten!

We were hoping to meet up with some friends next weekend.  BUT due to "lots of reasons" - our part of the reunion has had to go on hold - AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - I think this is about the 10th time now.

I am finding it very hard to accept it - I am fed up of having to cancel all the potential nice aspects of my life ALL the time! - I want this to change.   I am not a selfish person - I am a loyal person - I bend over backwards to help others and just wish the goal posts would stay still and the obstacles stay away - I am pretty sure one of my friends thinks I cry wolf all the time.... but sadly I don't - I just have other obstacles thrown in my way instead.

Message to the Man Upstairs - My obstacle remover is now broken beyond repair - please stop sending me obstacles - thank you.

Love and best wishes to all my friends.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thoughts - it has been a few years between Hospital Visits....

Hello Blogland

How are you?

It is the Summer Holidays - and we are part way through - so far so good! - its been great not having to be tied to the constraints of the clock.

We haven't done much - Lucas has been playing Minecraft alot - he's happy - we have been out and about Geocaching alot! - I've managed to lose 2lbs from walking/hiking/geocaching! - cool!

Lucas has had some lovely playdates - urban geocaching with Sienna last week was so lovely - we are going to try "rural" next week.   Yesterday he met another of his friends in the park for a picnic, it was so lovely seeing him mingle with his friend and his friend's brothers and sisters - he looked like "one of them" it was wonderful.

Lucas has developed a really lovely little circle of friends.

OK... so he fell off the 2 person swing and got hit on the back of the head by the swing which had gathered lots of momentum and struck L on the back of the head....  tears flowed and the beeline to me was perfectly straight.  After 10 minutes of TLC and initial first aid - and checks he was ok, he had not been sick, given a drink etc etc L was back on the swings again having lots of fun.

It was a  REALLY lovely afternoon.

We got home about 5pm - but Lucas was not firing on all cylinders.   He was happy, but docile.   Then he started complaining of a Grade 5 Headache (1 to 10 on the pain scale) with added dizzyness too - his eyes were not good - a bit bloodshot.  SO... I discovered how to use the NHS 111 system.   After a 30 minute telephone interrogation Lucas and I were instructed to spend the next 3 hours in A&E.    Lucas had never hit the back of his head before - so I was "a little bit concerned" - and maybe I've watched too many episodes of CSI - too - haha.

Lucas was very good waiting in the waiting room - but after 1 hour he was starting to head towards a meltdown.  His headache had gone up to a 7 -  He had been observed already but was showing signs he was not happy in the waiting room - I was a big brave girl and went up to one of the nurses and (with NAS card in hand) said - I think Lucas is heading towards a meltdown... the nurse was lovely! - She explained there were another 3 people in front of us still, but she would clear a cubicle for us - and within 5 minutes we were in our own cubicle and the same nurse came and did all the observation tests again on Lucas - and made a fuss of him and dosed him up with magic medicine.  She was lovely.

Long story short - the Dr came to see Lucas and gave him a thorough thorough thorough testing - and told me I did exactly the right thing - and also gave me some excellent medication advice.  Lucas got home and fell fast asleep (un-medicated!) and probably had one of the best nights sleep he has had for ages.

Note to self... hmmm take him to that park more often!! - JUST KIDDING!!!

Today has been a quiet day.

Tomorrow - if its nice - we are off to a Train Museum (yawn!) but Lucas and Marcus will love it!   I am sure there will be a coffee shop there... with cake.